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you have an older dog or a young adolescent who you thought was doing really well and you seem to have taken a backward step.

1-1’s are totally tailored to your dogs needs. We can start from scratch , look at why things may have changed or just top up on some of the skills they learned as a younger dog.

As an Accredited Dog Trainer with the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers you can be sure the practices we use are modern, science based and ethical.

To become and remain a member of the IMDT there is a requirement to initially attend 2 courses and a 2 days assessment.

Every year there is a requirement to provide evidence of my continued professional development.

This ensures as an Individual I still meet the requirements needed to remain a member.

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1:1 Sessions

In person 1-1’s are a great way to work on any specific concerns your dog may be presenting.

As our dogs age behaviour doesn’t just stand still. Behaviours are fluid – they change just as our dogs do.

Age, hormones, events and experiences can all affect a dogs ability to cope with things they once had no problem with.

And that’s perfectly okay.

Through positive reinforcement and kind and ethical training we can help your dog and you to move through or adjust to those life changes.

Happy Clients

“Sam has been great with my casey, she’s also helped me to be calm when I need to be.

Sam is very good with casey and treats her like her own.

Thankful for her input and she is a very knowledgeable dog walker and trainer.”






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