Getting a puppy is a really exciting time.

You’ve chosen your breed, arranged to meet the pup and its mum. Been sent pictures and regular updates and its just a matter of time until they’re going to be in your home and life permanently.

Alternatively your puppy is already with you and you’re struggling with some of the common and perfectly normal issues every puppy owner faces.

Then theres the internet! There’s so much research to do , conflicting advice on the numerous websites to wade through it can all be a bit overwhelming

Well fear not, we are here to help!

Here at The Great OutPaws we offer 1-1 training programmes to set you and your new addition up for success.

So what can we do for you ?

Trouble sleeping? That’s you and your puppy by the way! Well we can help with that.

Struggling to get to grips with your puppys toileting and alone time? We can help with that.

Puppy biting? Are you constantly on the run from your mini land shark? Not sure how to deal with puppy biting or why it is worse at different times of the day? Get in touch to help us guide you through this perfectly normal puppy stage.

We can help with shy and nervous pups too.

Rewarding and supporting changes within your pups behaviour builds confidence and allows them the ability to learn. The more we reward the behaviours we like the more they are likely to happen again.

And rewards come in lots of forms not just food. Play, sniffing and foraging and fusses.

There’s so many ways we can teach our puppies though rewarding them.

Pop over to our puppy class page to find out about our exclusive ‘Perfect Foundations’ in person classes.

As they grow

It’s not just puppies who benefit from training and there are lots of events in life that can impact on a dogs behaviour.

A dogs outward behaviour is a reflection of what they’re experiencing inside. Hormones, fear and worry, adolescence, changes in their lives such as moving home or a scary event.

These can all alter our dogs behaviour and training can help address those concerns.

Pop over to our dog training page to see what services we can provide for you.

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puppy classes bradford west yorkshire

Happy Clients

“I can highly recommend The Great OutPaws. I have just finished three 1-2-1 training sessions with Sam.

Dusty, my 14 week old Lhasa, is the first dog I’ve ever owned and we booked Sam to come start our sessions after having him only 2 days.

I wanted to get started as I meant to go on to make sure that Dusty was comfortable in his new home and that I was comfortable with him.

I’m amazed at the progress he’s made in his first few weeks at home with us. I feel like I have taken a lot away from the sessions and feel confident implementing the things I have learnt.

I will continue to use The Great OutPaws for dog visits and walks each week.”






Ready to book your dog in?

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All your questions answered ? Then we look forward to your dog joining us for their new found adventures!