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Emily the great outpaws dog walker bradford west yorkshire

Hi I’m Emily

I run our group dog walks. I’ve been working alongside my mum Sam for the last 3 years and after finally passing my driving test in 2020 I’ve been out on the road doing my own walks!

In the time that I worked alongside my Mum I learned a lot from her about behaviour and body language and had a lot of support in building my own groups up.

I now manage and run my own group walks!!

What does a dog walk with me mean?

Balance and a good mix matters to me. Allowing dogs that can’t go off lead the opportunity to sniff and interact on a long training line. Building their skills until a time they can safely go off lead.

I like to goof around and play with my group of dogs. Play really helps build our bond and trust. Helping dogs feel comfortable and relaxed in their group.

A day in the life of dog walking

The day starts with checking the app for who’s booked in, prepping the keys, van and the route to take.

Each dog is then picked up and travels in their own cage, lined with cosy vet bed for colder days.

All dogs are escorted to and from the van safely on lead and we then head to our walk location.

We ensure all dogs have an id tag or wear one of our I.d collars. Any dogs that can’t go off lead go on a long line so that they can sniff, interact and move freely and get the full benefit of their walk. It is, after all their walks and we want to be sure they have opportunities just like the others.

We then head off to nice quiet places, usually woodland. Away from other people and dogs, horses and roads to ensure a happy and safe walk for all.

After our walks, we wash and towel dry muddy, wet paws and tums. We always try to ensure our dogs are cleaned off. Not all are quite so willing but we do like to ensure they are warm and comfortable on the journey home.
Once home I always check the sleeping area and water bowls. Making sure we leave our pooches comfortable.
Then we start all over again for the afternoon bunch.

Reflecting on myself…. When I think about our walks I realise I talk to the dogs so much!!

We love a fuss and a cuddle or tummy rub and the odd treat for those photo opportunity moments!

Ensuring we stay off the beaten track means even our more sensitive dogs can feel really at home and safe with the familiarity of their groups. Watching those dogs let go, grow in confidence and just be a dog! There really isn’t anything better than seeing dogs just being dogs.

Free and relaxed.

Emily 🐾

Samantha The Great OutPaws Bradford
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Hi I’m Sam

Hi, I’m Sam and I’m an accredited dog trainer with the Institute of modern dogs trainers. 

You may have heard of the terms reward based, force free or positive reinforcement – well that’s me! 

And what does that mean? 

It means rewarding the things we want to see more of or using rewards and reinforcement to change how a dog feels about something. 

It’s not just canines, take a look at some of the modern zoos and so forth and you’ll see how those animals respond by offering behaviours, allowing co operative care such as injections or physical examination to take place.

All through choice and reward. 

I’m passionate about reward based dog training and giving our dogs choice.

Slowing things down and unpicking everything to get the best from our dogs. 

Training is a journey and a process and with all of the above our dogs can make great progress. 

So where did I start out? 

In 2016 I achieved a dream. I set up as a dog walker following a time in my life where my Nana had just passed away. That loss was the turning point to do the thing I loved and to be with my own dogs more too. 

In that first year as a walker I then set out on my training career. 

From the very first course I attended I knew I was hooked.
I could relate to the way dogs learn and feel about things present in their lives.

How good things make me want more and the scary things definitely take time, and how I’m way happier in changing my feelings if I’m supported and nurtured. 

I think that’s a reasonable way to feel and I think our dogs have the right to feel good too! 

Aside from walking and training I genuinely do love nothing more in life than being with my own girl Winnie out on woodland walks and at home spending quality time with her too. 

For me training with Winnie is not just about recall per walking nicely on lead. It’s about her being comfortable with her harness, being groomed or her teeth and ears checked and cleaned. Feeling safe in the environment and allowing her time to sniff and process things as she makes her way from puppyhood, through adolescence to adulthood. 

I’ve studied with the below and many more on various courses, seminars and workshops.

Imdt accredited and assessed trainer / member

The School of Canine Science

Canine Hoopers World Trainer and Assessor

Dogenius Foundations in canine aggressive behaviour and reactive dogs

Micheal Shikashio - Aggression in dogs conference

Canine Principles Skills Hub

Dog Training College Understanding Puppy Development and Socialisation

Glasgow Dog Trainer Mentorship - 2 years

I think it’s safe to say I found my passion. In among everything else, it’s the one thing I never tire of and am consistent in. So for me, it’s a lifestyle, not just a job! 

And from the list above you can see I like to keep up to date.

Experience plays a part in training there is no doubt, it’s where we hone our skills and broaden our experiences. Up to date and science-based education is absolutely critical in ensuring we evolve as dog trainers and give dogs the best we can. 

Putting myself on the line. 

By being accredited I put myself out there as transparent and accountable. Along with the Imdt, I’m a member of the Pet professional network who also rigorously assess their members each year. Both require their members to regularly study each year to meet the requirements. 
I’m proud to be a member of both! 

I have previously and do run Puppy and Adult Classes throughout the summer months, Canine Hoopers- agility style classes are also seasonal and also do 1:1’s.

I’m currently Interested in  Separation Anxiety and I love to work with nervous and worried dogs as much as the over-exuberant !

I like light bulb moments  

What’s a Light bulb moment? 

Those moments your dog just gets it. Or us humans too! When we just somehow get it and those pieces of the jigsaw fit together! They are so precious and rewarding not only for the dog and guardian but me too! 

Head over to our services to find out more about each of them 

Thanks for reading 


Happy Clients

“Sam is amazing.

She is a fantastic trainer and really knows her stuff.

Not only is Sam a great trainer and dog walker but she goes above and beyond for her customers and the dogs. She really loves all dogs and can not do enough for them or the owners.

She is one of life’s selfless people and is a real softie when it comes to dogs. Sam has worked so hard with my boy to make things work for him.

Fantastic service and fantastic person.

Thank you So much. 🐕🐶


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