The Great OutPaws dog walking service.

Our busy schedules don’t always allow us to take our dogs for a walk for as long as we’d like. Squeezing short walks in here and there around our other day to day commitments.

Here at The Great OutPaws we can help to make sure your beloved dog gets the physical and mental exercise it needs!

The Great OutPaws offers Dog walking services to customers in Apperley Bridge, Idle, Calverley, Eccleshill, Wrose, Saltaire, Thackley & Rawdon.

We can take your dog for a walk and give you one less thing to worry about.

group dog walks Apperley Bridge Idle Calverley Eccleshill Wrose Saltaire Thackley Rawdon

Group walks

Our walks are conducted on an hourly basis.

We have 2 slots available Monday to Friday.

These are 10.30 a.m & 1 p.m approx.

We charge £12 per dog for a group walk. *^

( *mon-fri ^ additional charge weekends)

Walks are not just about how many miles we can cover in an hour – they are so much more!

Play, interactions and building strong bonds with your Dog. Ensuring they are not only physically tired but mentally too. Enriching their lives and peace of mind for you. 

puppy walks Apperley Bridge Idle Calverley Eccleshill Wrose Saltaire Thackley Rawdon

Puppy Walks

With the ongoing climate of Covid-19 loss of you are still working from home. It’s become quite the norm!

This means that you don’t necessarily need visits as would generally be the case whilst you were at work.

But we know the importance of getting your puppy used to new people in preparation for when you are away.

With that in mind we offer Puppy walks.

We also know that Puppies don’t need to meet every dog they see as this helps them learn that not all dogs want to say hello and we respect that. So we ensure All interactions are well controlled and managed to ensure your Puppy is safe and at the same time developing life skills.

Puppy walks are 30 minutes long.

Puppy walks are not just about meeting other Puppies. It’s good for Puppies to meet dogs of all ages and sizes and learn appropriate life skills. Our Puppy walks have a mixture of ages with some of our older dogs in the mix too making them the perfect introduction to adult group walks.

The more your puppy is exposed to new and novel sights and sounds the better equipped they become at coping with the outside world as they move into adult life.

Of course we only ever move forward with introducing new things at your puppy’s pace.

We know each Puppy is an individual and this always comes first.

Price: £8.25

puppy visits Apperley Bridge Idle Calverley Eccleshill Wrose Saltaire Thackley Rawdon

Puppy Visits

Puppies are precious- they need lot’s of care and attention, emotional and physical support.

Your Puppy’s half hour visit will be tailored to attending to their Individual needs.

‘The Great OutPaws’ offers home Visits for your Puppy in Apperley Bridge and the surrounding areas.

We can visit your Puppy at a time to suit you.

We will feed, encourage toilet training and develop life skills through play.

Price: £8.25

Happy Clients

“This is a fantastic dog walking service. Sam is very professional and brilliant with your doggies.

I have 3 border collies of varying ages and she is great with all three. They love their walks with Sam and she takes them to good interesting walks that doggies love.

Sam is very trustworthy.

Definitely a 5* service”






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