Happy Clients

“We rescued our Dolly Dog back in September.

She wasn’t house trained, had never walked on a lead before, had absolutely no rules or structure, loved her food that much she was eat it so quick, she’d make herself sick, she would counter surf, pinch food, jump up, she had no recall what so ever and had never been trained in her life.

We decided to go to The Great Outpaws training classes (although if I’m being honest, I wasn’t convinced that we would never be able to train her!)

Sam was attentive, educational, patient and caring. She helped us realise what behaviours meant and how to go about trainings Dolly in the correct way.

Dolly now walks on a loose lead, is able to be off her lead, house trained, no longer thinks everything is edible, knows basic skills and is a absolute joy and that’s all thanks to Sam at The Great Outpaws.

We often see Sam on our walks and it’s like Dolly is apart of her family and is always wanting updates!

Would highly reccommend !

Thank you so much Sam!”

Happy Clients

“If, like us, your beloved dog is having issues with you, Sam can come to your rescue.

We opted for the “personal trainer” approach, as our Yorkie, Ted, is shy in company.

Sam’s methods are so professional and skilled, but in such a friendly way. After a session assessing us, and then Ted, an action plan was devised and put to the test. Sam managed to show us almost immediate results.

Practice, and home work has shown us how to achieve results. Further sessions with Sam, inside, walking and introducing Ted to her own dog have further added to our confidence that this lady really knows her stuff.

Thank you Sam. We now have a much happier and more confident little dog.

We plan to revisit the project as a refresher, and catchup in the near future, once we have completed our homework, read the abundance of guides and information Sam has provided for Ted!”

Happy Clients

“From the moment I spoke to Sam from The Great Outpaws, I knew my puppy was in good hands.

Sam took the time to listen to what I wanted and offered advice on what she could provide. My puppy currently has a walk on a weekly basis with some other fab pups! She absolutely loves it.

She is being socialised, taught how to play with other dogs and always comes back suitably happy and tired from her exertions! Sam always keeps me updated as to how her walks have gone.

In addition to her walks, Sam and I have been doing some 121 training sessions. These focus on everything from building my confidence in preparation for my puppy being off lead, animal husbandry so she is used to being touched (so won’t be worried at the vet), to long Line fun and games.

I feel the sessions have benefitted us both massively.

Sam’s ethos and reward based training methods are exactly on line with how I want to train my puppy. We often spend a long time after our sessions chatting and I feel Sam is 100% committed to her job and doing the best for her clients.

I can’t recommend Sam and The Great Outpaws enough. I feel like I am part of a great little community where I can get advice and help on anything from grooming to spaying and everything in between.

Thanks Sam!

Happy Clients

“I have been with Sam for over 2 years now and she has taken on my dogs and rescues without problem.

She really works hard to understand your dog and what group dynamics work best.

Dogs come home very happy everytime and I’ve even gone along with her myself so I know that they get what it says on the tin!

One very happy customer!!”

Happy Clients

“The Great Outpaws will go above and beyond for you and your puppy dogs.

Very reliable and we would be lost without them.

My puppy loves going for her walks and is always super excited when she hears the van pull up outside, it’s always a good sign and so nice to know she is in perfect hands.”


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