Sniffing out the fun with Scentwork

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Scentwork for Dogs

We are pleased to announce our new scent classes will be held at our local secure dog field ‘Woofing Around’

Come along and join us for 6 weeks of scent detection. We will show you how to teach your dog not just how to search for a scent but to indicate too!!

Embrace the power of your dog’s nose !! Scent work is a super powerful activity that helps with cognition, building confidence, and calming dogs too.

Mental stimulation is just as important in your dog’s daily lives as physical exercise. Join one of our classes and see the benefits for yourself!!

Scentwork isn’t just for working dogs though, it’s really beneficial for our pet dogs. From puppies to senior dogs (and everything in between), nosework is a bond-boosting activity you’ll both enjoy.

Mentally stimulating

calm creating


Confidence building

I offer personalised scentwork sessions to teach you and your dog how to unlock the power of your dog’s nose so you can reap the benefits. Working and learning together will be lots of fun, whilst giving your dog a brilliant outlet for a skill that comes naturally to them.
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Keen to give scentwork a whirl?

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