Bradford dog training you can count on

Want a responsive dog who listens? Let’s get started.

Imagine if your dog gave you their full attention and came bounding back to you the first time you called. What if instead of feeling embarrassed or frustrated, you felt proud of your dog’s behaviour – wherever you are together.

If you’re struggling with your dog’s behaviour or want to teach them something new, you might think the most valuable thing is to learn how to train your dog.

However, when you couple the how with why, you unlock an unmatchable bond and a whole new perspective of what drives your dog’s behaviour.

Train with me and you’ll not only have a dog who listens, you’ll finally know how to listen to them too. You’ll reveal a whole new understanding of your dog, boosting your bond (and their behaviour).

Feel Supported

Feel Confident

Feel Enlightened

Let’s take the pain out of dog training

Train with us 1-2-1 or join our dog training classes in Bradford

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1-2-1 Dog Training

If you have a specific issue that you’d like to work on, then 1-2-1 dog training is for you.

Our sessions are completely tailored to your dog, your lifestyle, and what you want to achieve. Whether you’d like to stop pulling on the lead, deal with overexcitement or finally enjoy impressive recalls – I can help!

Expect to feel at ease, enlightened, and encouraged that you can turn things around.

Step 1

Book a call and tell me what’s going on

Step 2

I’ll recommend the best fit package to match your needs

Step 3

Book your first consultation at a time that suits you

Almost immediate results!

“Sam’s methods are so professional and skilled, but in such a friendly way. After a session assessing us, and then Ted, an action plan was devised and put to the test.

Sam managed to show us almost immediate results. Further mind games, practice, and home work has shown us how to achieve results.

Further sessions with Sam, inside, walking and introducing Ted to her own dog have further added to our confidence that this lady really knows her stuff.

Thank you Sam. We now have a much happier and more confident little dog.”

Clive and Ted

Dog Training & Classes in

Apperley Bridge, Idle, Calverley, Eccleshill, Wrose,  Saltaire, Thackley & Rawdon.

Dog training classes are on hold!

All classes will resume in the spring of 2024 and we look forward to seeing you then.

Dog Training Classes in Bradford

dog training classes bradford

For adolescent dogs and beyond (6 months+)

Perhaps your teenage dog seems to have lost all their wonderful training or maybe you’ve welcomed a new rescue dog into the family.

Whether your dog is new to you or you’re ready to start teaching your older dog new tricks, our group training classes are lots of fun.

What we cover in dog training class:

Focus training


Loose lead walking


Confidence building

Relationship boosting exercises

Engagement games

Emergency stop

Scentwork intro

Useful tricks

Spread over six weeks, you’ll learn an awful lot of new skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

You’ll also have support from a private Facebook group to get help between classes.

I thought she was untrainable!

“We rescued our Dolly back in September. She wasn’t house trained, had never walked on a lead before, had absolutely no rules or structure. She would counter surf, pinch food, jump up, she had no recall whatsoever and had never been trained in her life.

We decided to go to The Great Outpaws training classes (although if I’m being honest, I wasn’t convinced that we would never be able to train her!)

Sam was attentive, educational, patient and caring. She helped us realise what behaviours meant and how to go about training Dolly in the correct way.

Dolly now walks on a loose lead, is able to be off her lead, house trained, knows basic skills and is an absolute joy. That’s all thanks to Sam at The Great Outpaws.

We often see Sam on our walks and it’s like Dolly is apart of her family and is always wanting updates! Would highly recommend! Thank you so much Sam!”

Rebecca and Dolly