The Struggle

September 08, 2020
dog nose

In my first blog I talked about my struggle to write a blog. How something held me back and I couldn’t work it out. Then the penny dropped and it was the old chestnut my confidence!

Confidence comes from trust and trust comes from the people around you who can show you that you do have value, that you are good and worthy.

Sometimes as a dog owner we feel we are not worthy.

We feel that we are letting our dogs down because they are displaying behaviours we don’t understand or know how to fix. We feel embarrassed that the person across the street walks their 50kg dog on a loose lead and it gazes longingly into their eyes.

Whilst our own 10kg Tasmanian Devils screams and shouts its way down the path way. It can be an embarrassing moment, it feels like all the eyes are on us, but we shouldn’t judge ourselves on what someone else is doing.

How do we know that 50 kg dog didn’t give its owner a run for his money? How do we know he hasn’t been in the same position as you are right now once upon a time?

I know I’ve been there. With my 1 perfect – now sadly departed pooch and her brother from another mother addition 4 years later, who also wasn’t so perfect.

But he is perfect to me. and I have learned that no two dogs are the same. What one comes with the other probably won’t. I’ve been dragged all the way to the park. I’ve had to break up the odd scuffle because he just can’t cope sometimes being ambushed by other dogs.

It’s been hard being the person with the wayward dog. The tongues that wag and the feeling you’re an outcast. Well, let me assure you, you’re not! Life brings about events, situations and experiences that impact our dogs. Even before we welcome them into our home. Young dogs with a huge urge to get to the park because they’re so excited to get to see their mates they just pull the whole time. Yet on the way back they’re like Mr perfects 50 kg dog!

That’s happened to me and it was hard. I found it frustrating that I couldn’t ‘make’ Wilf like the other dogs.

And I then had to question was that to make me happy or him?

Now I’m a dog walker and a dog trainer. So it’s easy for me to say, I guess. But I’m still an owner, I still have that overwhelming feeling of love that we do for a dog. I just know much more about body language and I think much more about how my dog feels these days.

But that only happened through learning. I didn’t and I still don’t have all the answers, and I never will, but what he feels is all that truly matters. Because it’s his life.

He has come a long way. Wilf’s old now but he is so happy, more accepting of other dogs and does like to say hello. on his terms, of course.

So, my point is this. Be kind to yourself. It’s a busy old life we lead and we don’t always have oodles of hours to train our dogs to be perfect! But what is perfect? Wilf is my perfect and I know I do what I can to help him be happy.

There is always a way and every way is unique, so reach out. Ask for help. Believe in yourself and your love of your dog. And in time you can make the change and have that happy harmonious walk down the street.

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